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about-thumbEstablished in 1993 and for nearly 25 years now, Price Tech Group is a revolutionary chemical manufacturer, distributor and marketer of chemical raw materials and finished products. We have carefully developed a unique business model that doesn’t involve over employed personnel and expensive solutions to business’s chemical needs. This model has helped us become a leader in the chemical manufacturing, distribution and marketing supply chain and invaluable to the chemical purchasing industry.

The Evolution of $avings Consultants

Our competitors have customer representatives, but we believe our representatives are something more. We define our employees as “$avings Consultants” because they go the extra mile to help your business save money. We understand the ultra-competitive global economy and know just how important your bottom line really is.

It became our goal to discover how to find and produce quality chemicals without disrupting your company’s market position. As a result, we work to wring out as much cost from raw chemical materials as possible. Thus, $avings Consultants were born. In our eyes, if we can’t help you save money, we’re of no value.

Our $avings Consultants act as a no-cost sourcing agent and extension of your purchasing function. It’s our mission to be a valuable asset to your business’s growth.

500 Years Experience

While we haven’t been in business for 500 years, Price Tech Group painstakingly put together a group of nearly 30 $avings Consultants with a combined 500 years of experience in the chemical industry. Our unique level of industry experience is just one of the many aspects that set us apart from the competition.

Our Mission

Our mission at Price Tech Group is to become your go to for cost effective chemical purchasing. We partner closely with every customer to create the custom packaging and shipping solutions they need. We’re not just a purchasing extension or a chemical manufacturer or distributor; we’re invaluable partners in helping manage your company’s bottom line.

We are dedicated to finding highly reputable and responsible suppliers to provide us with the chemical raw materials to service your chemical requirements. With us, you never sacrifice quality just to stay within your supply budget.


To ensure we only work with the best suppliers, we only employee those with an extensive background in the chemical industry. Our team has specialized training in organic, inorganic, surfactant, oleo-chemical, solvents and hydro-carbon chemistries fields, just to name a few. This allows us to increase our focus on quality, safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Always Available

We know our customers operate on a variety of different schedules. It is our goal to always be available whenever you need us. Our relationships with vendors allow us to quickly meet your chemical supply requirements 24/7/365. Our extensive supply chain and subsequent fleet of box trucks, rail cars, liquid trucks, tractor-trailers and barges ensure as needed, JIT (Just-In-Time) deliveries, no matter what size your order!

When you work with Price Tech Group, you work with the most professional team in the industry.

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