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Crop, Grain, Tobacco, Feed & Dust Control

Price Tech Group offers a wide range of specialty products for agriculture, crop, grain, tobacco, animal feed, dust control, emulsion, dispersion, and wetting applications. These products include alcohol sulfates, alcohol ether sulfates, sulfonates, white mineral oils and pure vitamins, to name a few. Where required, our agriculture related chemical products are FDA 21 and 40 CFR compliant, NF/USP approved and Kosher & Halal Certified. Demand for agricultural chemicals depends mainly on demand for various crops, which in turn depends on crop prices. The profitability of individual companies is linked to efficient chemical raw material procurement, operations and marketing. Big producers have large economies of scale in production. Smaller companies can compete effectively by making specialty chemicals or mixtures for local markets. Whether big or small, Price Tech Group will work side-by-side with you to offer decades of proven manufacturing, procurement and logistical expertise within the agricultural, crop, grain, tobacco, animal feed and dust control processing industries.

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