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PriOil™ 55-T, Technical Grade, Kosher

PriOil™ 55-T

55 SUS viscosity, Technical Grade White Mineral Oil, Kosher

The PriOil™ brand of White Mineral Oils are highly refined mineral oils that consist of mixtures of saturated paraffinic and naphthenic nonpolar hydrocarbons that span a viscosity range of 50-350 SUS at 100°F. They are hydrophobic, colorless, tasteless, odorless, and do not change color over time. They are clear, bright, and free of solids and water.

PriOil™ White Mineral Oils are chemically and biologically stable, non-comedogenic, and do not support pathogenic bacterial growth. These nearly chemically inert oils are virtually free of nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and aromatic hydrocarbons. PriOil™ White Mineral Oils contain Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, to protect quality during handling and storage. These properties make white oils the standard in many industries.

55 sus viscosity, Technical Grade, Kosher

Uses: Adhesives, Agriculture, Automotive, Food, Household, Industrial, Lube, Personal Care, Other

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