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ISO 68 Heat Transfer Fluid

PriTherm™ HTF 68

PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF is a high quality food grade mineral oil for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating and cooling systems to 600°F.

PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF food grade mineral oil has been successfully used in over thirty-five different industries. In the Chemical Process Industry, it is used for temperature control of batch reactors, in heat recovery from process streams and exhaust gases and in large central systems where multiple heat users are involved. In the Food Process Industry, PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF is used in indirect heating loops for deep frying and baking. In the Plastics Industry, it provides accurate temperature control for platens, molds, extruders and laminating rolls. For Die Casting, PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF provides low maintenance control for die temperature. The unique formula of PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF assures performance without the potential problems of many conventional fluids.

Specifications: PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF food grade mineral oil meets the specifications of 21CFR 172.878 which covers the use of White Mineral Oils in Food according to the limits and conditions of the regulation. It is also chemically acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid in plants operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.

Lower Operating Costs. The energy required to achieve a process heat load can be influenced by the physical properties of the fluid (density, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, specific heat). PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF properties result in more efficient use of energy than many other fluids. Low pressure drop reduces pump horsepower requirements. Heater outlet temperatures can be reduced since PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF has a high heat transfer film coefficients allowing lower approach temperatures.

Long Term Temperature Control. All organic heat transfer fluids undergo thermal degradation over time. Conventional synthetic fluids or low quality oils will form soft carbon material (sludge) that eventually coats all system surfaces, and can form a hard coating. Because the coating acts as an insulator, heat transfer rates are reduced resulting in longer heat up time, lower production rates, changes in control response and, in extreme cases, burnout of heater tubes or electrical elements.

With non-fouling PriTherm™ HTF 68 NF, these problems disappear. As it degrades, it produces small carbon particles that do not stick to system surfaces, but remain suspended and are easily drained or filtered out. Since heat transfer surfaces remain clean, system performance remains constant.

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