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Product P™ Emulsifying Wax

PRODUCT P™ is a specialty nonionic, self-emulsifying, synthetic wax blend that meets or exceeds both NF and INCI specifications. It is a self-bodying type of emulsifier which produces thick, solid emulsions without the addition of stiffening waxes. This material is an excellent emollient, suspension aid and viscosity builder for cosmetic products such as hair fixatives & relaxers, anti-perspirants, crèmes and lotions.

Supplied as white flakes or pastilles, PRODUCT P™ also serves as a co-emulsifier in formulated systems and is compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic emulsifying surfactants.

PRODUCT P™ is available in 50# net multi-ply kraft bags or 200# net fiber drums.

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